Publications from the CREA-1 and CREA-2 Projects (follow links for additional information):

Brochures and Project Summaries

  • Measurement and Analysis of Highly Creative Research in the US and Europe, NSF Project Summary, CREA-II, Atlanta, 2008. [PDF]
  • Scientific Creativity: Scope for Development, Summary of Results of CREA-I Project, Atlanta, May 2007. [PDF]
  • Creative Capabilities in Science and Technology, CREA-1 Project Brochure, New and Emerging Science and Technologies, European Commission, 2005. [PDF]

Journal Articles

  • Jan Youtie, Juan Rogers, Thomas Heinze, Philip Shapira, Li Tang (2013). Career-based influences on scientific recognition in the United States and Europe: Longitudinal evidence from curriculum vitae data. Research Policy, 42(8). 1341-1355. [ ]
  • Thomas Heinze (2008). How to Sponsor Ground-Breaking Research: A Comparison of Funding Schemes. Science & Public Policy 35, 802-818.[PDF]] []
  • Thomas Heinze, Philip Shapira, J.D. Rogers, and Jacqueline Senker (forthcoming 2009). Organizational and institutional influences on creativity in scientific research, Research Policy (pending).
  • Thomas Heinze, Philip Shapira, Jacqueline Senker, and Stefan Kuhlmann (2007). Identifying creative research accomplishments: Methodology and results for nanotechnology and human genetics, Scientometrics, 70, 1, 125-152 []
  • Thomas Heinze and Gerrit Bauer (2007). Characterizing creative scientists in nano-S&T: Productivity, multidisciplinarity, and network brokerage in a longitudinal perspective. Scientometrics 70, 3, 811-830 []

Project Reports

  • Creativity Capabilities and the Promotion of Highly Innovative Research in Europe and the United States. Final Report, EU-NEST/CREA-511889, Karlsruhe, 2007.

Working Papers

  • Thomas Heinze and Philip Shapira (2006). Research Creativity: Analyses of Unconventional and Path-opening Solutions in Science. Working paper presented at SPRU 40th Anniversary Conference, Brighton, UK, September 11-13, 2006. [Link to Working Paper]
  • Thomas Heinze, Philip Shapira, Jacqueline Senker, and Stefan Kuhlmann (2006). Identifying Creative Research Accomplishments: Methodology and Results for Nanotechnology and Human Genetics, Working Paper No 8/2006, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovations Research,  Karlsruhe 2006 [PDF]